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Forex and Futures Economic News Calendar

You have never seen anything like this. This Forex News Calendar has been created by a spike trader to accomplish one goal - taking news trading into a whole new level. Featuring one second historic charts on many currencies and indexes, it is the most advanced economic news calendar, designed with an added goal on mind - to help news traders make the most of spike trading.

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Sun, Jun 1606:00ILIL GDP - P4.8~5.23.8Chart
19:01GBGB Rightmove House Prices (M/M)0.3~0.9Chart
19:01GBGB Rightmove House Prices (Y/Y)0~0.1Chart
Mon, Jun 1702:00NONO Trade Balance11.34~17.6217.25Chart
03:00TRTR Unemployment14.114.114.74Chart
08:30CACA Int'l Securities Transactions-12.8~-1.49-1.56Chart
08:30USUS Empire Manufacturing-8.61117.8Chart
10:00USUS NAHB Housing Market Index646766Chart
16:00USUS Net Long-Term TIC Flows46.931-28.4-25.9Chart
16:00USUS Total Net TIC Flows-7.8~-8.06-5.6Chart
17:00NZNZ Westpac Consumer Confidence103.5~103.8Chart
Tue, Jun 1805:00DEDE ZEW Survey Curr Situat (M/M)
05:00DEDE ZEW Survey Econ Sent (M/M)-21.1-5.6-2.1Chart
05:00EUEU Euro-Zone CPI (M/M)
05:00EUEU Euro-Zone CPI (Y/Y)
05:00EUEU Euro-Zone CPI - Core (Y/Y) - F0.80.80.8Chart
05:00EUEU Euro-Zone Trade Balance15.7~22532.9Chart
05:00EUEU Euro-Zone Trade Balance sa15.31717935.518.6Chart
05:00EUEU ZEW Survey Econ Sent (M/M)-20.2~-1.6Chart
08:30CACA Manufacturing Shipment (M/M)-0.60.352.132.6Chart
08:30USUS Building Permits1294129212901290Chart
08:30USUS Housing Starts1269123912351281Chart
18:45NZNZ Current Account % GDP-3.6-3.5-3.7-3.8Chart
18:45NZNZ Current Account Balance0.680.16-3.26-3.49Chart
19:50JPJP Adjusted Merchnds Trade Bal-609.09-754.5-110.94-170.2Chart
19:50JPJP Merchnds Trade Balance Total-967.1-120056.8Chart
Wed, Jun 1902:00DEDE Producer Prices (M/M)-
02:00DEDE Producer Prices (Y/Y)
03:00SESE Consumer Confidence93.892.659190.7Chart
03:00SESE Economic Tendency Survey98.199.599.899.4Chart
03:00SESE Manufacturing Confidence100.2104.65103.7102.9Chart
03:30SESE Unemployment Rate6.86.56.2Chart
03:30SESE Unemployment Rate SA6.46.25.9Chart
04:00EUEU Current Account, SA21~24.6825Chart
04:00ITIT Trade Balance (tot)2885~4625.44579Chart
04:00PLPL Employment (M/M)-0.200Chart
04:00PLPL Employment (Y/Y)
04:00ZAZA CPI (M/M)
04:00ZAZA CPI (Y/Y)
04:30GBGB CPI (M/M)
04:30GBGB CPI (Y/Y)222.1Chart
04:30GBGB CPI - Core (Y/Y)
04:30GBGB PPI Input nsa (M/M)
04:30GBGB PPI Input nsa (Y/Y)
04:30GBGB PPI Output Core nsa (Y/Y)222.2Chart
04:30GBGB PPI Output nsa (M/M)
04:30GBGB PPI Output nsa (Y/Y)
04:30GBGB RPI (M/M)
04:30GBGB RPI (Y/Y)32.93Chart
06:00GBGB CBI Trends - Orders-15-11-15Chart
07:00USUS MBA Mortgage Applications-3.4~26.8Chart
08:30CACA CPI (M/M)
08:30CACA CPI (Y/Y)2.42.12Chart
08:30CACA CPI Core - Common (Y/Y)
08:30CACA CPI Core - Median (Y/Y)
08:30CACA CPI Core - Trim (Y/Y)2.32.12Chart
10:30USUS DOE Crude Oil Inventories-3106-12502206Chart
10:30USUS DOE Distillate Inventories-551800-1000Chart
10:30USUS DOE Gasoline Inventories-16921000764Chart
10:30USUS DOE Refinery Utilization0.70.31.4Chart
14:00USUS FOMC Interest Rate Decision - Max2.52.52.5Chart
14:00USUS FOMC Interest Rate Decision - Min2.252.252.25Chart
18:45NZNZ GDP (Q/Q)
18:45NZNZ GDP (Y/Y)
Thu, Jun 2001:30JPJP All Industry Activity Index (M/M)
02:00DKDK Consumer Confidence5.8~5.9Chart
04:00NONO Interest Rate Decision1.251.251Chart
04:30GBGB Retail Sales Ex Gasoline (M/M)-0.3-0.4-0.2-0.3Chart
04:30GBGB Retail Sales Ex Gasoline (Y/Y)
04:30GBGB Retail Sales with Gasoline (M/M)-0.5-0.50-0.1Chart
04:30GBGB Retail Sales with Gasoline (Y/Y)
07:00GBGB Asset Purchase Facility435435435Chart
07:00GBGB Interest Rate Statement0.750.750.75Chart
07:00GBGB MPC Vote - Cut0~~Chart
07:00GBGB MPC Vote - Hike0~~Chart
07:00GBGB MPC Vote - Unchanged9~~Chart
08:30USUS Continuing Claims (Wkly)1662168016951699Chart
08:30USUS Current Account Balance-130.4-124.3-134.38-143.9Chart
08:30USUS Initial Jobless Claims216220222Chart
08:30USUS Philadelphia Fed0.310.3516.6Chart
09:00RURU Retail Sales (Y/Y)
09:00RURU Unemployment4.54.64.7Chart
10:00EUEU Consumer Confidence (M/M)-6.5-6.5
10:00USUS Leading Indicators0.10.2
10:30USUS EIA Natural Gas Storage Change105102
19:30JPJP National CPI (Y/Y)0.70.9
19:30JPJP National CPI X Fresh Food (Y/Y)0.70.9
20:30JPJP PMI Manufacturing - P~49.8
Fri, Jun 2103:15FRFR PMI - Composite - P51.351.2
03:15FRFR PMI - Manufacturing - P50.850.6
03:15FRFR PMI - Services - P51.651.5
03:30DEDE PMI - Composite (M/M) - P52.552.6
03:30DEDE PMI - Manufacturing (M/M) - P44.544.3
03:30DEDE PMI - Services (M/M) - P55.455.4
04:00EUEU PMI - Composite (M/M) - P
04:00EUEU PMI - Manufacturing (M/M) - P4847.7
04:00EUEU PMI - Services (M/M) - P5352.9
04:00PLPL Industrial Output (M/M)-0.5-3.6
04:00PLPL Industrial Output (Y/Y)7.29.2
04:00PLPL PPI (M/M)0.40.4
04:00PLPL PPI (Y/Y)1.62.6
04:30GBGB PSNB ex Inventories4.155.831
04:30GBGB Public Finances (PSNCR) (M/M)
04:30GBGB Public Sector Borrowing (M/M)3.34.967
08:30CACA Retail Sales (M/M)-1.1
08:30CACA Retail Sales - core (M/M)-1.7
09:45USUS Markit Comp PMI - P
09:45USUS Markit Manuf PMI50.850.5
09:45USUS Markit Svcs PMI - P5150.9
10:00USUS Existing Home Sales (% chg M/M)2.12-0.38
10:00USUS Existing Home Sales (total M/M)5.35.19
13:00USUS Baker Hughes U.S. Gas Rigs
13:00USUS Baker Hughes U.S. Oil Rigs
13:00USUS Baker Hughes U.S. Rig Count
15:00USUS NASS Cattle on Feed Feedlots
15:00USUS NASS Cattle on Feed Marketing
15:00USUS NASS Cattle on Feed Placements

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