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Forex and Futures Economic News Calendar

You have never seen anything like this. This Forex News Calendar has been created by a spike trader to accomplish one goal - taking news trading into a whole new level. Featuring one second historic charts on many currencies and indexes, it is the most advanced economic news calendar, designed with an added goal on mind - to help news traders make the most of spike trading.

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Mon, Mar 3003:00CHCH KOF Leading Indicator (M/M)92.985100.9101.8Chart
03:00DEDE CPI Saxony (M/M)0.1~0.5Chart
03:00DEDE CPI Saxony (Y/Y)1.6~2Chart
04:30GBGB M4 Money Supply (M/M)0.3~0.60.7Chart
04:30GBGB M4 Money Supply (Y/Y)4.9~4.7Chart
04:30GBGB Mortgage Approvals (M/M)73.568.4570.8971.3Chart
04:30GBGB Net Consumer Credit (M/M)
04:30GBGB Net Lending on Dwellings (M/M)444.01Chart
05:00EUEU Consumer Confidence (M/M) - F-11.6~-11.6Chart
05:00EUEU Economic Confidence (M/M)94.591.6103.5103.4Chart
05:00EUEU Industrial Confidence (M/M)-10.8-12.6-6.1-6.2Chart
05:00EUEU Services Confidence (M/M)-2.2-511.211.1Chart
08:00DEDE CPI (M/M) - P0.100.4Chart
08:00DEDE CPI (Y/Y) - P1.41.31.7Chart
08:00DEDE HICP (M/M) - P0.10.10.6Chart
08:00DEDE HICP (Y/Y) - P1.31.31.7Chart
08:00ZAZA Budget~2.15Chart
10:00USUS Pending Home Sales (M/M)-25.2
10:30USUS Dallas Fed-101.2
17:45NZNZ Building Permits (M/M)~-2
19:00KRKR Industrial Production (M/M)-4.5-1.3
19:00KRKR Industrial Production (Y/Y)3.4-2.4
19:01GBGB GfK Consumer Confidence (M/M)-15-7
19:30JPJP Job to Applicant Ratio (M/M)1.471.49
19:30JPJP Jobless Rate (M/M)2.42.4
19:50JPJP Industrial Production (M/M) - P01
19:50JPJP Industrial Production (Y/Y)-4.8-2.3
19:50JPJP Large Retailers Sales (M/M)
19:50JPJP Retail Trade (M/M) Season Adj
19:50JPJP Retail Trade (Y/Y)
20:00NZNZ ANZ Business Confidence
20:30AUAU Private Credit (M/M)
21:00CNCN PMI Manufacturing
21:00CNCN PMI NonManufacturing
Tue, Mar 3101:00JPJP Annualized Housing Starts (M/M)
01:00JPJP Housing Starts (Y/Y)
02:00DKDK GDP (Q/Q) - F
02:00DKDK Unemployment
02:00GBGB Current Account
02:00GBGB Exports (Q/Q)
02:00GBGB GDP (Q/Q) (3rd - Final - F)
02:00GBGB GDP (Y/Y) (3rd release - F)
02:00GBGB Government Spending (Q/Q)
02:00GBGB Gross Fixed Capital (Q/Q)
02:00GBGB Imports (Q/Q)
02:00GBGB Private Consumption (Q/Q)
02:30CHCH Retail Sales (Y/Y)
02:45FRFR Consumer Spending (M/M)
02:45FRFR Consumer Spending (Y/Y)
02:45FRFR CPI (M/M)
02:45FRFR CPI (Y/Y)
02:45FRFR CPI - EU norm (M/M)
02:45FRFR CPI - EU norm (Y/Y)
03:00CZCZ GDP (Q/Q) - F
03:00CZCZ GDP (Y/Y) - F
03:00HUHU PPI (M/M)
03:00HUHU PPI (Y/Y)
03:00TRTR Trade Balance
03:55DEDE Unemployment Change (M/M)
03:55DEDE Unemployment Rate SA (M/M)
04:00NONO Norges Bank Currency Purchases
04:00PLPL CPI (M/M)
04:00PLPL CPI (Y/Y)
05:00EUEU CPI Estimate (Y/Y)
05:00EUEU Euro-Zone CPI (M/M)
08:00ZAZA Trade Balance
08:30CACA GDP (M/M)
08:30CACA GDP (Y/Y)
08:30CACA Industrial Product Price (M/M)
08:30CACA Raw Materials Price Indx (M/M)
09:00USUS S&P/CS Home Pr Idx-C20 SA (M/M)
09:00USUS S&P/CS Home Price Idx (Y/Y)
09:00USUS S&P/CS Home Price Idx-C20 (Y/Y)
09:45USUS Chicago Pur Mgr Index
10:00USUS Consumer Confidence
12:00USUS USDA Qtr Corn Stocks
12:00USUS USDA Qtr Soybean Stocks
12:00USUS USDA Qtr Wheat Stocks
17:30AUAU AiG Performance of Mfg Idx
19:50JPJP Tankan Large All Indust Capex
19:50JPJP Tankan Lg Manuf Index
19:50JPJP Tankan Lg Non-Manuf Index
20:30AUAU Building Approvals (M/M)
20:30JPJP PMI Manufacturing - F
21:45CNCN HSBC Manuf PMI
Wed, Apr 0102:00DEDE Retail Sales (M/M)
02:00DEDE Retail Sales (Y/Y)
02:30SESE PMI - Manufacturing
03:00PLPL PMI - Manufacturing (m/m)
03:15ESES PMI - Manufacturing (M/M)
03:30CZCZ PMI - Manufacturing (m/m)
03:45ITIT PMI - Manufacturing
03:50FRFR PMI - Manufacturing - F
03:55DEDE PMI - Manufacturing (M/M) - F
04:00EUEU PMI - Manufacturing (M/M) - F
04:00ITIT Unemployment
04:30GBGB PMI Manufacturing (M/M)
05:00EUEU Unemployment Rate (M/M)
07:00USUS MBA Mortgage Applications
08:15USUS ADP Employment Change
09:00RURU CPI (W/W)
09:00RURU CPI (Wkly YTD)
09:00RURU GDP (Y/Y)
09:30CACA Manufacturing PMI (M/M)
09:45USUS Markit Manuf PMI - F
10:00USUS Construction Spending (M/M)
10:00USUS ISM Manuf Employment
10:00USUS ISM Manuf New Orders
10:00USUS ISM Manufacturing
10:00USUS ISM Prices Paid
10:30USUS DOE Crude Oil Inventories
10:30USUS DOE Distillate Inventories
10:30USUS DOE Gasoline Inventories
10:30USUS DOE Refinery Utilization
11:30MXMX PMI - Manufacturing
19:50JPJP Monetary Base (Y/Y)
Thu, Apr 0202:30CHCH CPI (M/M)
02:30CHCH CPI (Y/Y)-0.5-0.1
05:00EUEU PPI (M/M)
05:00EUEU PPI (Y/Y)
08:30CACA Trade Balance (M/M)
08:30USUS Continuing Claims (Wkly)
08:30USUS Initial Jobless Claims
08:30USUS Trade Balance-43.3-45.338
10:00USUS Durable Goods (M/M) - F
10:00USUS Durable Goods - core (M/M) - F
10:00USUS Factory Orders
10:30USUS EIA Natural Gas Storage Change
20:30AUAU Retail Sales (M/M)0.4-0.3
21:45CNCN HSBC Services PMI39.526.5
Fri, Apr 0301:00SGSG Retail Sales (m/m)
01:00SGSG Retail Sales (y/y)
02:30SESE PMI - Services-56.7
03:00TRTR CPI (Y/Y)11.6612.37
03:15ESES PMI - Services (M/M)2552.1
03:50FRFR PMI - Composite - F30.130.2
03:50FRFR PMI - Services - F28.929
03:55DEDE PMI - Composite (M/M) - F3737.2
03:55DEDE PMI - Services (M/M) - F34.334.5
04:00EUEU PMI - Composite (M/M) - F31.231.4
04:00EUEU PMI - Services (M/M) - F28.228.4
04:30GBGB PMI - Services (M/M)35.335.7
05:00EUEU Retail Sales (M/M)0.20.6
05:00EUEU Retail Sales (Y/Y)1.51.7
08:30USUS Average Hourly Earnings (M/M)0.20.3
08:30USUS Change in NonFarm Payrolls-61273
08:30USUS Change in Private Payrolls-123228
08:30USUS Unemployment Rate3.83.5
10:00USUS ISM Non-Manuf Composite4857.3

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