Spike Trading the News

Fx News Article by Fast Economic News, 2010/11/19

Spike Trade Fx News with the Secret News Weapon

Trading live forex news can be one of the most profitable forms of forex trading there is. Forex news creates price spikes that do not occur outside of news time. Knowing this it is our job as a retail forex trader to take advantage of these moves. This however is where the problem starts. Not only are these price movements extremely large, but they are amazingly fast. The speed of these moves is the reason taking advantage of them is so difficult. For years forex news trading was left to the banks, and large trading institutions. The technology and an economic news feed fast enough to create a spike trading tool were simply out of reach of the average retail forex trader.

The Secret News Weapon has finally solved this problem for all retail forex traders. By making it available to a small group of traders the cost of creating such a powerful trading software has been offset, and thus allows all to trade like the big boys! Now on to the fun part.....using this forex trading software to profit! The first step is identifying the marketplace you want to trade. For the purpose of this article we will discuss the fx market. In the forex market, almost every broker allows "demo" trading. Without a doubt you should use a demo account when learning how to trade fx news. Trading forex news requires patience, discipline, knowledge, and above all practicing with a demo account before putting real money on the line! Its been said that if you can't make money with a demo account, than you can't make money with a live account. It can take a few months to really have an in depth knowledge of each individual forex market news release and additionally the way it moves the market.

Using a demo account while learning how to spike trade live forex news will save you a enormous amount of money! After a few months of profitable spike trading, then and only then should you begin to use a live forex trading account. From this point on the sky is the limit, whether it be another marketplace to spike trade, or multiple broker spike trading the choice is yours. Many are now beginning to spike trade fx futures. The transition from forex to fx futures is really an easy one, and many are finding even great success in trading forex futures! Above all, if you practice, and learn to spike trade economic news successfully you will never go back to another form of trading. No other forex trading strategy takes so little of your time, while yet providing you huge potential profit!

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