GB GDP (Q/Q) - 1st reading

Fx News Spike Signals by Crazy Cat, 2019/05/10

Release Time: 04:30 New York time (EST)
Primary currency pair: GBP/USD
Forecast: 0.5
Prior: 0.2
LT1 (Lower Trigger 1): -0.2 [SELL]
UT1 (Upper Trigger 1): +0.1 [BUY]
Safety: 1

If GB GDP (Q/Q) comes out at 0.3 or lower ( -0.2 trigger), GBP/USD should go down by about 30 pips. If it comes out at 0.6 or higher ( +0.1 trigger), GBP/USD should go up by about 30 pips.

Based on 44 estimates, median estimate is 0.5% and average estimate is 0.45%. The highest estimate is 0.5% (26 votes), then 0.4% (16 estimates), then 0.3% (one estimate), and finally one estimate at 0.2% (one vote). One standard deviation is +/- 0.07%.

This is the 1st release out of the two, and this may actually create some price movement.

Don't compare charts from last month, for example, because this is the first release out of the two versions of GDP, and therefore it can cause bigger spikes.

We will also have GB Industrial Production coming out at the same time but I would rather focus on GDP instead.

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