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Redefine the possibilities

Over the past 8 years, a massive environmental shift in spike trading has occurred. It has changed how we trade the news. Now, the importance of a faster weapon is paramount. Therefore, SNW Enterprise offers an incredible array of cutting-edge news sources, a few of them being added exclusively to SNW Enterprise. The result: up to 500 ms faster than its predecessor and sometimes even more. On top of that, you will also get simultaneous TCP and UDP connections as well as simultaneous connections to our U.S. and UK servers for the fastest possible network performance. With an easy-to-use interface, amazing features and incredible speed at its core, SNW Enterprise is the ultimate expression to address the needs of the most demanding, institutional news spike traders.

What is truly radical is what you can do with it. Take a look here and gain a deep understanding of the differences and huge speed improvements between SNW Enterprise and Elite

Enterprise grade spike trading technology

  • Additional, exclusive news sources (Learn more)
  • Simultaneous TCP and UDP connections for best network performance
  • Connects to U.S. and British servers simultaneously for the fastest possible news delivery
  • Enterprise Grade Product for high-end professional traders
  • Fastest, most feature-rich, spike trading weapon ever
  • Featuring over 500+ economic reports per month
  • Deadly fast data delivery - Forecast, Previous, Actual and Revision numbers
  • Built-in Multi Report Resolution Technology
  • Precise control and configuration for every single type of report scenario
  • Highly configurable, 3 level, Buy/Sell Triggers
  • Audible and Visual Buy/Sell Signals
  • Configurable automatic mouse clicks that click broker platform Buy/Sell buttons
  • Automatic screen shots to document all reports
  • Enhanced report simulation mode

If you want to news spike trade with maximum fire power, click here to get SNW Enterprise today.

Introducing the world's most advanced spike trading software

Secret News Weapon (SNW) Enterprise is a revolutionary ultra fast autoclick software at a highly affordable price. In addition to being lightning fast, SNW Enterprise is loaded with the most advanced features thereby providing a high degree of control leading to a more predictable outcome in the spike trading experience.

Long anticipated. The wait is over

Many users ranging from highly professional institutional traders to the smallest home traders have provided valuable feedback, wishes and desires, ideas and advice, culminating in our most deadliest spike trading weapon ever.

Faster, more efficient and full of great ideas

We took performance issues very seriously shaving milliseconds from many real time code branches thereby saving precious time. That might seem tiny, but that's a big deal. SNW Enterprise is especially designed for aggressive news spike trading, and we worked together with Microsoft to create a lightning fast, powerful and innovative product. It's highly secure, stable and responsive, and it works seamlessly with all trading environments.

High performance in a double dose

Only SNW Enterprise supports Parallel Pathway PowerFeed Technology which is our implementation of two separate parallel server connections. This means it transmits the data utilizing both TCP and UDP packet technology, all at the same time. Additionally, it connects to our U.S. and British servers simultaneously to optimize and enhance news delivery time. So when important news is being released, you will automatically receive it through the best available connection for the fastest possible performance.

Next generation speed

SNW Enterprise keeps you connected faster than ever before. With the addition of several ultrafast news sources, it delivers killer performance — up to 500 ms faster than its predecessor and sometimes even more. This unprecedented capability affords you an incredible advantage in news spike trading that propels you towards the front of the line. Imagine having this kind of humongous power over the market.

Speed and precision is everything

Lightning fast speeds are achieved by combining several high-speed top institutional grade news sources into one well integrated news trading solution. Coupled with a high degree of report scenario configureability, gives you the highest degree of trading precision and outcome. It's an epic win for spike traders. And it's just the beginning of better-than-ever news trading experience. Now you can join the pros with just a few clicks.

It isn't just faster. It's phenomenal!

We put 1000+ hours of R&D into this Enterprise class product to create the most advanced spike trading technology ever, adding new features never seen before. Top speed news sources, high performance servers and deadly fast Multi Report Landscape Analysis, to name a few, allow traders to beat the others.

Complicated trading scenarios made safer

Our state of the art, Multi Report Resolution Analysis technology enables the professional trader to create very flexible and exotic rule sets to minimize potential conflicts among simultaneously occurring report releases thereby leading to more reliable and accurate trading outcomes.

Exceptional way to trade news announcements

SNW Enterprise is the most advanced platform for news spike trading. Three trigger levels provides an endless number of creative ways to customize your needs for single and multiple report scenarios. Create trading rule sets the way you like.

Lightning fast, seamlessly integrated

Simply put, SNW Enterprise is a high speed spike trading tool that's designed to help you make vast amounts of money in Forex, Fx Futures, S+P Eminis, bond trading, and the like. During crucial economic news announcements, SNW Enterprise receives high speed economic data and rapidly compares those numbers against your Buy and Sell Triggers, and then automatically clicks buy or sell on your trading platform. All within a few milliseconds!

Carefully designed to make an impact

Like an extremely advanced military weapon, you lock and load, with the added benefit that it automatically fires at the precise moment before the target moves. Once the order has been filled, then manage it manually including the exit.

Instant signal. The trade starts fast

It’s that simple: a few minutes before the report, input the triggers, either yours or ours, setup your hyperclick mouse clicks on your broker's buy and sell buttons. Then, simply sit back, relax, and watch the SNW Enterprise execute your buy or sell order instantly, the same split second the number is released from the government lock up.

Next generation game-changing software

The problem with news trading is the speed at which the market reacts to the news. Humans are not fast enough to digest the economic data and to manually enter a trade. Because of the nature and speed of our advanced technology, the goal is to enter the market near the pre-release price, ahead of most other traders.

Everything just works better. And faster

SNW Enterprise provides the most efficient and reliable way to trade the news. All the great news announcements such as U.S. Non-Farm Payroll, GB Retail Sales or Australian Interest Rates can now be blasted instantly to your computer. Then, at lightening speed, transforms the economic news release into a live trade. Just like that. Once you are in a live trade, typically within seconds you see an opportunity to close at the profit.

Discover the amazing news trading power

Ever wanted to steal candy from a baby but couldn’t figure out how to get away with it? Except, it’s not a candy, and no babies were ever harmed in the process. Since 2006, our subscribers have been extracting millions of dollars from brokers and other disadvantaged traders.

We frequently hear from our more professional clients that they routinely make several thousand dollars a month using our technology, thereby easily paying for its subscription every month.

Considering the immense power and amazing speed of our service, the price is a steal. You won’t find this level of firepower for this price anywhere. If you’re going to war, go to win. Arm yourself with superior firepower.

Click here now to take the first step to become a successful trader.

A steal at this price!

I have been using Secret News Weapon since 2006. I took part in the SNW Elite beta test program where I was actually able to influence its design. I've been very happy with the performance and features compared to the other competitive and in some cases far more expensive services. Elite follows the tradition of earlier SNW versions, and is extremely easy to use. I would say it is the most user friendly application of its type. What I see as huge benefits are the 3 level triggers and multi report conflict prevention. Just these features alone warrant the price of the service, and the extra speed is just gravy. Even if it was priced more, I would still subscribe. Verdict for me: a steal at this price!

--Martin S. from MA, USA

Tons of great new features

I was fortunate to participate in SNW Elite early stage product testing. Along with tons of great new features, I really liked the blazing speed. Having used SNW Professional for four years, this Elite level product is even faster. The features I liked were protection from conflicting reports, three level triggers, multiple mouse clicks and ability to customize it to my needs. For me this meant better order fills and more money in my pocket.

--Ted C. from VA, USA

Nothing else comes close!

Since 2007 news trading has been my passion, and I can't imagine doing that without Secret News Weapon. It has made me amazing profits, I repeat – amazing profits. It's really a great product. The newest Elite version is even better and faster. I am now able to trade multiple reports at the same time. Prior to using SNW Elite, trading multiple reports was very risky because of potential conflicts that could really mess up the whole trade. SNW Elite is loaded with sophisticated features. I've previously tested other news trading products; however, I never went beyond the trial periods because none of those other products were as good. In my opinion, the SNW Elite is the best "News Trading" product on the market.

--Frank P. from Germany

I just love it!

Hi, this is Mark from Trade Conscious. I've been making steady and reliable profits with SNW Professional for several years now. However, the only issue I had was my inability to safely and effectively deal with multiple reports coming out at the same time. That meant I had to leave money on the table by not trading them. Now with SNW Elite I can trade them with confidence, and it's easy to do it. As I can trade more reports now, my profits increased considerably. It's a great product and I just love it.

--Mark M. from London, UK

A dream come true

After trading with SNW Professional for over a year I finally had the chance to beta test the newest and greatest version, SNW Elite. This is what I have been waiting for to help me safely trade simultaneously occurring reports. This product has saved me numerous times against conflicting news reports. This is a dream come true for the serious news trader.

--Jeffrey S. from Canada

More risk control

As a high end professional trader and long term SNW user, I value additional features that SNW Elite provides me now. For example, employment reports used to be very dangerous to trade because of possible conflicts. Thanks to Multi Report Resolution Technology I can trade now more aggressively and with more confidence. Additionally, I love the 3 Level Triggers feature that enables me even more risk control over my trading.

--Uros F. from Slovenia

Which product is right for me?

SNW Professional Professional
SNW Elite Elite
SNW Enterprise Enterprise
User Level  
Beginner Intermediate Institutional
Fast Faster Fastest
Server connection protocols  
TCP only TCP and UDP simultaneously TCP and UDP simultaneously
Server connections  
U.S. only U.S. only U.S. and UK simultaneously
Reports per Month  
500+ 500+ 500+
Multi Report Resolution Technology  
No Yes Yes
Multilevel Triggers  
Yes (2) Yes (3) Yes (3)
Mouse Clicks  
10 10 10
Multiple Report Visibility  
Yes Yes Yes
Simultaneous Report Trading  
Yes Yes Yes
Available Report Data  
Forecast, Previous,
Actual, Deviation,
Forecast, Previous,
Actual, Deviation,
Forecast, Previous,
Actual, Deviation,
Report Types  
Major and Minor Major and Minor Major and Minor
Trigger Autoload  
Published Triggers Historic Recall Historic Recall
Audible Signals  
Yes Yes Yes
Monthly subscription fee  
30 day free trial,
$299 a month thereafter
30 day free trial,
$499 a month thereafter
$1299 first month,
$1299 a month thereafter
One-time activation fee  
$99 $129 Included

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