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What is Secret News Weapon?

Simply put, Secret News Weapon (SNW) is a high speed spike trading tool that's designed to help you make more money in forex, futures, bond trading, etc. during crucial economic news announcements. SNW receives high speed economic data, compares those released economic numbers against user supplied Trigger Numbers and depending if the numbers conclude that a trade would be viable, automatically executes a trade on your trading platform. All within a few milliseconds. It's like an automatic weapon. You set it up before the economic data release comes out, input your trigger data, and setup your automatic mouse clicks and everything is on FULL AUTO. Just wait for the trigger to pulled automatically. After a trade is automtically launched, you manage it manually including the exit.

Yes, you read that correctly...all you have to do is a few minutes before the report, pre-set your parameters for buy and sell signal, or just use the default provided triggers, setup your mouse clicks on the weapon where your broker's buy button and sell buttons are located before the report, sit back, relax, and watch the Secret News Weapon execute your buy or sell order instantly the same split second the number is released from lock up. Because of the nature of the technology behind this, sometimes you will in the market a fraction of a second faster than most others.

Of course once you are entered into the market, you have to watch the price action, and exit manually whenever you feel is right, but that's usually a no-brainer, because if you can execute your order in the right direction before the news is released, you are in profit by 20, 30, 40, 50+ pips within 5-10 seconds.

Additional Features:

SNW provides a list of reports in a spreadsheet (data grid) like manner. When released, the actual and revision data is displayed in the data grid. Deviation data is automatically calculated and displayed with additional visual and audible Buy/Sell signals. Additionally user configurable Buy/Sell triggers, configurable automatic mouse clicks that automatcally execute orders on your trading platform.


How does one make money during economic news announcements?

It's very simple, around 50 to 60 times per month, there are important economic news numbers announced from various countries. There are always expectation of what the number is expected to be. If the number comes out above or below expectation, it creates a shock to that country's currency, and the price starts moving within about 2 seconds after the announcement often by 50 pips or more. If you can get filled at the old price within 1 to 2 seconds after the actual number is released from the government lock up, but before the price starts moving, you can possibly make a lot of money on that initial spike. If your entry is late by 3 seconds or more, you are risking to be slipped, get a bad fill and lose money. This is a very specific and very profitable way of trading, IF and only IF you have a broker that allows single click executions, and you can click that buy or sell button on your broker SUPER FAST.

What is behind this price movement?

Government economic news announcements is one of the few rare occasions when individual traders like you and I get on the same level as the big banks. Why? Because the economic number from the government lockup is released to everyone at the same time. Most of these big banks use a Bloomberg Computer Platform to get the number from the lockup instantly, and then they adjust their price according to the shock this number creates. From the time the banker gets the number to the time the price gets adjusted at the bank and your broker's platform, it usually takes around 2-3 seconds. That means that if you had Bloomberg platform, which by the way costs $1900/month, and you get the number, you have about 2 seconds to figure out in your head whether the deviation is positive or negative, and click a buy or sell on your broker to instantly enter your position.

Here is another thing. Bloomberg is not the only company in the lock up, and though they release the number as fast or faster than everyone else 70% of the time, the other 30% of the time, another company, like Reuters releases the number faster. And Reuters is not the only alternative either. There are over a dozen companies in the government lock ups, like Bloomberg, Reuters, AFX, Bond Buyer News, CBS Marketwatch, CNBC, Dow Jones News, Nikkei News, Kyodo News, Jiji Press, and the list continues... Wouldn't you like to have the number from the one that releases it the fastest? I know I would. Unfortunately, it's not possible, because though all of these companies have access to the numbers in lock-up, not all of them have the technology to deliver it instantly. What I did, is I made a deal with as many of these companies as I could to get their number, and release it in the form of deviation from expected number from whomever gets it first, and in addition to that generate a buy or sell signal, based on that deviation. I called that service Secret News Service, which in my research is the fastest news service on the market right now...simply because it uses super fast technology, and comparative function of releasing the number from the fastest news service linked to it. It was documented multiple times by users of Bloomberg and Reuters, that sometimes they get the buy or sell signal from the Secret News Weapon FASTER than they get the number from either Bloomberg or Reuters.

Pretty cool, eh? Remember, most bankers use Bloomberg, and some use Reuters...when the Secret News Weapon can beat Bloomberg or Reuters, which happens often, especially on non-U.S. reports, we can get our orders into the market a bit before the bankers even see the number.
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