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Making consistent profits...

My name is Juan and I live in Belgium. I have been using SNW since it started, so like a year and 4 months ago. I'm extremely happy with it and been making profits consistently month after month. I have several accounts, so to give you an example: I opened two accounts in May 2007 that I only use to trade with SNW. I funded the first one with $6,000 and I made a profit of $23,000 in 8 months, that's nearly a 400% return. The second one I started with $3,000 and made a profit of $19,000 and that's more than a 600% return on my initial investment after only 8 months! By the way, I have a job as well, so I don't trade all the reports. Had I been able to trade full time the results would have been even more impressive.
It is an amazing tool, very easy to use, I specially like the hyper-click function that lets you trade different pairs on several accounts at the same time. Occasionally there's a technical glitch and the SNW may misfire or miss a signal, but it only happens once every few months, overall it works beautifully 99% of the time.....and I'm making money, that's the main thing. Thank you!
-- Juan Armendariz Bouvet

Net gain over 500%

This is Mark Swanner (alias Mas Dport), a member of all the Secret Forex Society projects and a very strong supporter of the Secret News Weapon. If you want a tool that can get you in a trade lightning fast prior to the big news services public announcements the majority of the time, then this weapon is for you! I actually feel as though I'm not trading sometimes as the stress level has nearly been reduced to zero---Easy, Swift and so many functions allow uses that are only limited by our imagination for trading. While the focus in our room has added other trading methods, I still use and DEPEND on the News Weapon for my primary entries. In 1 1/2 years of using this weapon, I have only had 3 major losses, while my net gain is over 500%. That is a nice return of investment! I used the original version from the 1st day of membership up until the professional version was released. I have to tell you, it is by far the best tool in existence for Forex traders that want to trade the news releases, bar none!!!
-- Mark Swanner

My most profitable trading...

I have been using Secret News Weapon for about 12 months now with great success. I started out very cautiously, only trading very small amounts and getting used to certain brokers. I was only breaking even on the subscription fees for the first few months but I was learning a lot. But now, the SNW forms a part of my most profitable trading strategy. I have made about 80% of my account and hope to continue making more as I gain experience. My strongest recommendation is to trade very small until you are comfortable with the technology of your broker and the software. Then you are in for some serious profits!
-- FX Mojo, Canada

Made a LOT of money

I am using the weapon 3 month now, and I am happy that I made the choice to order this tool. Why? I made a lot of money, more than 34K. It's a good and easy tool with a lot of possibilities of news trades (more than 50 trades a month).The secret news weapon is a perfect tool.
-- Dino 4Rex

Made over $30,000...

This is Huskins from Toronto, Canada, I have been using the SNW ever since it was launched, I have made over $30,000 (that's more than 3 X my initial Investment) using the SNW. I yet tend to make a few pips spike trading however I try to use the SNW in a Lot more innovative ways, such as to get me out of a long term trade if the # are against my trade etc...
-- Huskins Gandhi

Over 700% ROI...

I have been using the secret news weapon for 18 months now and it is by far the most successful tool that I have used. I have made over 700% ROI on my account. Even if your broker doesn't usually fill you at news time it is still worth it since the one time they do fill you will usually be very profitable and you may be able to enter on a retracement based on the info the Weapon provides. If there is only one tool you can buy then this should be it.
-- Paul Toronto

A great trading tool...

I run a modest little "Forex Fund" for myself and 4 family members and have shown annualized return since inception (14 months now) of 30.64%. This would have been closer to 200% if it weren't for last July when I freaked, broke all my trading rules and had a 40% drawdown - an attempt to avert property foreclosure at that time. Anyway, the fund has grown nicely since then, and I estimate 50% of profits are attributable to the SNW. I set the SNW on conservative triggers only, carefully set the safety, and avoid all trades with potential conflicts. As a result, I only get 1 or 2 fills per month, but these tend to be "paydays". For this reason, I find the SNW a great trading tool. Patience, adaptation to broker behavior, and cautious use of the SNW has proven profitable to me.
-- Peter Vanderburg

Paid for SNW in one trade...

My name is Julian Burt from Florida also known as Porkypips. I have been using the weapon for about six or seven months. I am not a large trader and tend to trade under two lots on any one platform.
I made enough money in one trade to pay for the weapon for a year and that's how I looked at it. I set my weapon religiously for every trade. I wait for the broker to be caught with its pants down so that I can take a few more pips out of the market.
I make money every month using the weapon. In fact, I would say that I have doubled my account with the weapon in six months. I do not think I could have done the same with a large account because of the limitations in the size of the lots you can get filled on.

I like most of the features the weapon has to offer. I have a 22MS delay here in Florida and I run the weapon on a quad core computer system which is super fast. I have never been able to get my New weapon to auto upload before the trade and so have to manually put in my own triggers which is not always a bad thing.

-- Julian Burt

Made $78,000...

I used SNW 9 months and I made a great 78 000 usd. Thank you!
-- Miloslav Konopka

The speed is fantastic...

I have been using the Secret News Weapon for 5 months now, and have actually doubled my account, a 100% gain, by using it. I am very thankful to have this software as a tool to make money in forex. I believe I would still be profitable even without the weapon, but my profit is way higher because of it.

I think I would like some kind of audible alert to sound if there is conflicting data that comes out during a news release, but that would be my only criticism. The speed of the weapon is fantastic, and I often get great fills with my broker and make very good money. I actually feel a little guilty sometimes to be making it so quickly!

I hope to always have the Secret News Weapon as part of my forex "arsenal"; it's WELL worth the subscription cost...
-- Boko Maru

It works!

I made 5000 $ in 6 months and I started slow.
The difference is…it works!
Thank you.

-- Tony S. from Germany

Extremely cost effective...

This is Justin from the UK. I have been using the Secret News Weapon for over a year now and it has helped me to increase my profits significantly. I have made at least a 50% increase on my account in the last 12 months by using the Secret News Weapon.

The Secret News Weapon allows me to receive the economic news reports from around the world in a timely manner throughout the course of each day. I receive the data directly to my desktop immediately upon release, allowing me to make much better trading decisions.

The Secret News Weapon has been an extremely valuable tool for my trading and compared to many of the other news providers currently available it is also extremely cost effective.

Although I personally use the Secret News Weapon mainly as a news provider, the auto click feature has also proved to be extremely valuable and has allowed me to take advantage of some huge moves in the market.

Overall the Secret News Weapon is a very fast, efficient and cost effective tool, which I would recommend any trader should have as part of their trading arsenal.
-- Justin UK
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